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5 Sure Signs it’s time to replace your ATV Tires

Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tires

There isn’t much that can keep an avid ATV rider from heading out for an adventure. One of those things that will put a sudden stop to an outing is a damaged tire. If your ATV tires are not up to par then it can put stop to the fun and you’ll need ATV tire replacement. How do you know when your ATV tires need replacing? Here are five surefire signs to keep an eye out for.

What happen Read the rest

Our Favorite Spring Motorcycle Accessories

Memphis Shades® GL1500 Standard Vented Windshield

The spring riding season is quickly approaching and I’m spending my spare time getting ready. I am getting my motorcycles in gear and prepped for the long, exciting hours that I will spend riding them on the road or on the track. I’ve checked the standard things: the oil, the battery, the engine and exhaust system. Along with these standard items, I am updating my motorcycle with some cool accessories as are my riding buddies. Following is a list of … Read the rest

Top 3 Snowmobiling Locations in America

Best Places to Snowmobile

One of the best parts of a great snowmobile ride is being in beautiful surroundings while you whiz past, enjoying the rustic area and fresh air. There’s no two snowmobiling trails that are alike, and to keep your next ride beautiful, we’ve found some of the top places to snowmobile in the United States.

West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone is lauded as one of the best places to snowmobile in North America. It is elevated at 6,667 feet and … Read the rest

Finding the Right Snow Goggles for You

Scott Hustle Speed Strap Goggle

I’m not one to complain about wintery conditions. In fact, I have to hide a smirk most of the winter as I listen to people whine about the snow and cold temperatures. One of the best ways to cure those winter blues is to ride the trails. Snowmobiling is an awesome way to spend any winter day, but you’ve got to have the right gear so you’re warm and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Snowmobile goggles give your eyes the … Read the rest

Meet Our Best Power Sports Brands: Alpinestars


Those of us that get a thrill from motorsports know that having the right clothing and gear is nearly as important as having the right vehicle.  If you love extreme sports, whether your preference is motorcycles, sports bikes, snowmobiles or ATV’s, having the right clothing is crucial to protect you from the weather as well from an unexpected crash.


Choose the Right Clothing

One company has a proven track record for not only providing some of the highest quality … Read the rest

What Does Insulated Riding Gear Really Mean?

Icon Compound Textile/Leather Jacket

Insulated riding gear allows me to enjoy my bike year-around. While others may be limited to warm season riding only, I can enjoy the clear, crisp winter air out on my bike with the right riding apparel. Insulated riding gear keeps me warm and dry in cold temperatures, without interfering with comfort and safety.

Insulated gloves are a vital part of cold weather riding, as the hands are out front and exposed on the bike. I like gloves that have … Read the rest

Meet Our Best Power Sports Brands: Olympia


As long as there is proper cold weather gear to protect you from the elements, the freezing temperatures outside can’t stop the die-hard outdoor enthusiast. It’s important to keep those digits nice and warm. Olympia is one of the leading brands with over 80 different styles of glove wear.

Olympia has been producing high quality, high performance gloves since 1941. The gloves are made with all the latest technical features at affordable prices. Olympia is constantly improving their product and … Read the rest

News On Our Big Lake Minnesota Store

Loyal Shade Tree Powersports Customer:

Shade Tree Powersports has been providing Powersports enthusiasts, like yourself, with name brand Powersports products for over 27 years from our humble roots in Middlefield, Ohio. In those 27 years, our family business has undergone a number of changes. If you’ve shopped with us before, we consider you part of our family. That’s why we wanted to take a minute to fill you in on what’s going on with our brand.

We continue to enhance … Read the rest

Our Favorite Cold Weather Accessories

Klim Alpine Bib

When we are out on our snowmobiles it is very easy to feel cold especially on any parts of our bodies that are exposed. When covering up before heading out on our snowmobile there are a few things we like to make sure we have, other than the normal coats, gloves and helmet these are some other things you may want to carry.

  • Hand Warmer Gloves/Mitts - These attach to the handlebars so that your hands stay warm. You want … Read the rest
  • Meet Our Best Power Sports Brands: FMC

    First Manufacturing Touring Bag

    I like to ride in style. When you’re on your bike, nothing says style like black leather. One of my favorite suppliers of leather apparel and bags is First Manufacturing Company, also known as FMC apparel. First manufactures a line of high-quality, stylish, and practical leather clothes and bags.

    One of the things I like most about FMC’s products is how well they blend style with functionality. Take, for instance, their jackets. While they look great, they also come … Read the rest

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